Please refer to installation video:


1. Drain old oil as you normally would.

2. After the oil is drained, you can clean around the exterior of the oil pan around the hole, as well as cleaning out the inside of the hole where the plug will go with a clean rag.

3. Place some engine oil on the large blue o-ring of the new plug & ensure the wave-spring washer is installed on the plug. 

Ford Easy Oil Drain Installation Ronin Factory

  1. Note on the outer rim of the black plug, there is one notch that is cut through. Line this up in about the 7-8 o'clock position and insert the plug into the oil pan hole and then start to turn it clockwise. You will be turning against the spring pressure, so it will be necessary to push inward against the spring as you turn the plug. (To get an idea of the way it installs, you can do a dry run without the spring to see how it is supposed to feel and look when its fully installed)

  1. When the notch gets to the top (12o-clock) position, you may hear or feel it pop into the detent. It is now installed. The gold colored cap, when screwed in, should have the logo facing upright and you should see "" text on the outer rim of the black plug, facing downward. (If the logo is 180 degrees upside down, that is OK as well) To ensure it is in, lightly try twisting the black plug either direction by hand or pulling out on it, it should not come out. It may wiggle a bit up and down, that is OK. NEVER APPLY EXCESSIVE TORQUE ON THE BLACK PLUG OR GOLD CAP! NEVER USE A WRENCH OR PLIERS TO GRIP OR TORQUE AS IT MAY STRIP THE PLASTIC OIL PAN
  2. That is all you will have to do for installation. Make sure the gold cap is hand tightened all the way down. The o-ring on the gold cap will keep it from loosening. Place the draining tool in the glove box or center consul, where you won’t lose it.

-If you need to ever remove the plug, you will have to push inward on the plug to compress the Wave Spring and then turn counter clockwise. You will have to push hard on the plug to compress the spring far enough to clear the detent. Do not force it as that could damage the plastic threads in the oil pan. Remember to push first as much as possible and then twist.



  1. To ensure you get most of the old oil out, you will want to angle the truck so that the bottom of the oil pan leans towards the drain hole. Use safe judgement. This is not required, just a tip.
  2. Begin as you would normally by having the engine warm, safely secure the vehicle before you get under.
  3. Remove any underbody panels to get access to the plug.
  4. Unscrew the gold cap by hand and set aside. NEVER USE A TOOL TO APPLY TORQUE TO GOLD CAP AS IT COULD STRIP THE PLASTIC OIL PAN THREADS. If the gold cap is stubborn, carefully use a channel locks on the black body to hold secure while you use another channel lock to loosen the gold cap. This prevents torque being applied to the threads of the plastic oil pan.
  5. Place oil drain pan under the engine.
  6. Slowly screw in the drain tool piece. As you screw it in, oil will start to flow. Screw it all the way in by hand and let drain for a few minutes.
  7. Once its stopped draining, remove the drain tool piece by unscrewing it by hand.
  8. Clean any excess oil that may drip out of the plug and on the inside threads of the plug. THIS STEP IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ENSURE THE GOLD CAP STAYS ON THE DRAIN.
  9. CLEAN ANY RESIDUAL OIL OFF O-RING ON CAP. O-ring and sealing surface should be clean, dry, and free of any residual oil to ensure cap will not loosen. Screw gold cap back on by hand until secure.
  10. Keep the drain tool piece nearby, preferably in the glove box or center console of your truck so it remains with the truck at all times.