Don't see your entries?

7/2 -Our system is currently backlogged and taking excessive time to display your entries on your account. Please note that we have all of the entry data in our own documents. There is no need to contact us at this time regarding your entries not showing up. Rest assured we have them all, they are just not automatically displaying on user accounts. Due to the large volume of support emails, we may not respond back as our answer will be the same for everyone who are not seeing their entries. Rest assured, we have them all on our end!

Please check that the email used during checkout matches the same account you are logging into. If you used an Express payment method such as Apple Pay or Amazon Pay, please check the email used to register to those accounts and make sure it matches with your Ronin Factory Account.

I see my entries but they are incorrect.

If you placed an order during one our promotions such as 2 for 1 entries and you only received 1 entry per $1, please contact us to correct the entry amount. If your purchase entries are correct, however you are missing Bonus Entries, please wait at least 48 hours and check back, if the bonus entries are still missing, please contact us to further investigate.

I currently have an account but I checked out using a different email address, can I combine my accounts to keep my entries and order history in one place?

Unfortunately our system does not allow for account combinations or entry transfers. Please activate an account using the same Email used during checkout to see your current entries.

If you have any further questions regarding entries, please contact us and make sure to include information about your order ( Screenshot or Order # and Name/Email).