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Tired of getting in your car and constantly having to find the USB cable to plug into your phone and then mounting the phone for hands free driving? Well no longer will you have to be burden with that chore, it's the 21st century, we can put a man on the moon, surely we can make driving and using our cell phones more convenient. 

With the Ronin Wireless Charger, just set your phone into the holder and it will automagically close to secure and charge the phone for you. Simple, easy, no-brainer. 

Set your phone on the pad and the side arms automatically detect your phone and grip it. No need to adjust anything, will hold any style of cell phone.  

Works with all types of phone cases. Comes with USB charge cord.

Your phone must have wireless charging compatibility (iPhone X & newer). For other phone brands, please check online if yours is compatible with wireless charging. 

The mount itself has a universal clamp that can be used to clamp onto the fins of the air vents in your car for universal mounting. Adjustable ball socket allows you to pivot and twist the mount in any direction.