We are constantly on the lookout for our next giveaway vehicle. Help us scout future vehicles! If you or someone you know has a vehicle that may fit what we are looking for, email us at

Some of the specifications we consider when looking:

  • Price range $70,000-200,000
  • Showroom-like condition
  • Less than 20,000 miles on the drivetrain
  • Ability to be registered in California (must be able to pass smog check)
  • Manufactures Warranty still valid is a plus
  • Similar to Ford Raptor style of trucks (Baja/Prerunner/Trophy Truck)
  • Widebody with large off-road tires (no wheels over 18")
  • No diesel engines
  • Ideally 2017 or newer (but would consider older models if it is truly unique)
  • Electric powered? Sure, why not!
  • V8, Turbo, Supercharged, suspension upgrades, unique finish, yes, yes yes
  • Jeeps...maybe, if it was really unique, we would consider.

To get an idea of what vehicles we have done:

Giveaway 1: Very Mild Build 2017 Ford Raptor, 802a Package, 12,000 miles, custom wrap, wheels/tires, fox 3.0 suspension, some LED lights, Exhaust. Very clean truck. Built by Camburg Engineering in Newport Beach CA.

Giveaway 2:  Mild/Wild Build 2017 Ford Raptor, 801a Package, less than 20,000 miles. Starwood Motors build, widebody, 40" tires, front leveling kit, stock suspension, Starwood Finish, Lots of LED lights, Bumpers, Whipple intake kit/engine tune.

Giveaway 3: Mild Build 2018 Custom, Satin Black Ford Raptor, 802a Package, less than 20,000 miles. Starwood Motors Build, 37" tires, Fox 3.0 suspension, Mountune exhaust, Engine tune, KC Aftermarket LED lights.

Giveaway 4: Mild/Wild Build 2017 Custom, Wide Body Ford Raptor, 802a Package, less than 20,000 miles. FiberWerx Diberti Wide Body Kit, 40" tires, Mountune exhaust, Engine Tune, Whipple intake kit/engine tune. KC Aftermarket LED Lights.

Giveaway 5: Wild+ build (details to come Nov 2020)

Giveaway 6: (Help us find giveaway 6 truck!)

Giveaway 7: (Help us find giveaway 7 truck!)

Giveaway 8: (Help us find giveaway 8 truck!)

Giveaway 9: (Help us find giveaway 9 truck!)

Giveaway 10: (Help us find giveaway 10 truck!)